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When you should find yourself bored (and have nothing better to do), I suggest you take a look at the following books/articles:

The Practice Of Programming?

While maybe redundant for people who have been programming for a long time already, I found it a very interesting read.

The Art of Unix Programming?

Not so much on programming, but a general overview over programming techniques used in Unix/Linux applications. Also contains a nice historic overview.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs?

An introduction to (functional) programming, but also covers (very) advanced topics and some pretty neat stuff. If you're not into reading, the video lectures for the first edition of the book are here?. Highly recommended!

The Design of Everyday Things?

A look at usability from an entirely different point of view -- the user's. The book isn't really about computers, but the general principles mentioned there also highly apply to computers. Whether you're a designer or programmer, you should take a look at this book.

You should also check out the IBM developer works articles:

IBM developerWorks

If you don't feel like reading any "technical" literature, you could read some Terry Pratchett? books, of which I'd recommend The Wee Free Men? and A Hat Full Of Sky?.

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