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Diploma Thesis

My diploma thesis is entitled "Using Constraints to render Websites -- Applications of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce environments". Here's the abstract:

Constraint programming is an area of Artificial Intelligence which has many applications. This thesis applies its techniques to a new kind of problem -- the rendering of online retailer websites.
First, in-depth introductions to constraint programming and the problem of rendering a shop website will be given. A prototypical implementation of a constraint problem solver and a system to solve and illustrate the problem will be described. The architecture of the prototypical implementation and specific features, algorithms,
and design decisions will be detailed, analysed, and illustrated. An overview of related work both in the fields of constraint programming and website generation will be presented and existing technologies evaluated.
Features and concepts unique to this thesis, like real-time constraint satisfaction, will be introduced and discussed.
Finally, a comprehensive example will illustrate the problem, means of modelling it, and possible solutions. An outlook to future work and a summary conclude the thesis.

You're welcome to take a look at it. Please let me know if you have any comments.

I gave a presentation about Constraint Programming and bits of my thesis at a seminar if you're just interested in an overview.

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The implementation of the constraint solver is available separately here. If you're interested in the SOAP webservice code or the Camping frontend, please drop me an email?.


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